sandy shore

by editor k

This is a great spot for the beach but I would recommend doing your research before visiting, especially if you just found your new home. The sand here feels fine on the feet, but it’s a bit slicky and may be a bit too slippery for certain shoes.

So be sure to check out some of the other beaches that are closer to the water, especially if you can drive to them. For example, the beach on the Gulf of Mexico.

I’m not a beach person, so I’ve never been to the Gulf of Mexico, but it does have a few nice beaches. The north end of the gulf is known for its white sand beaches, whereas the southern end is known for black sand, which is nice to match your home’s color scheme.

I think I need to get my own beach chair. It’s been a while since I’ve done much swimming, but the Gulf of Mexico always seemed like such a cool place to be swimming, and it’s really a really nice place to be swimming. I might just have to get back in the water and get my own chair.

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